Supervised Theses

I am interested in supervising projects and theses on the area of Artificial Intelligence, Game Design, and their intersection such as PCG or Mixed-Initiative Co-Creative tools, as well as projects using emerging technologies such as VR or AR. Usually, I conduct supervision as weekly group supervision where students can help and learn from each other while also peer-reviewing each other's chapters (every 2-3 weeks), and having individual supervision sessions when needed.

I try to improve and adapt my supervision and teaching with what I learn overtime and what work and doesn't work. If you want to discuss supervision/teaching methods or have any thoughts on alternative ways on doing so, I would love to chat and discuss about it. If you are interested in co-supervising bachelor or master students with some industry or academic project feel free to contact me as well! at: alberto dot alvarez at mau dot se

Thus far, I have supervised and co-supervised 25 theses, 5 M.Sc theses and 20 CS bachelor theses, and examined as many. You can find them below:

Master Student Theses

Undergrad Student Theses